What does Skip Tracing and Social Media have in common?

I’m sure many of us have experienced this time and time again, especially to those who have owed us debts.

One minute you have someone who is trading perfectly fine, and the next they have “shut up shop” and then disappeared.


Skip Tracing as the name is derived is from when someone who owes you money in one context or another, does a bunk and then disappears, owing you lots of money.

Frustrating as it is, but where social media plays a big part that cannot be hidden is from establishing your footprint on-line through the host of the following networks:

social media platforms

Once established, as with anyone that carries out due diligence, it is easier to pinpoint, through Pinterest and other medium’s highlighted above if they are trading.  If updates are not kept up to date, then alarm bells are likely to start ringing.  Where is my Customer gone?  Is there Business Facebook page up to date, what Events have they been attending?

As we all know it, if we do not keep our Social Media pages up to date, then we are likely to be facing a wrath of scepticism from our onlookers who are trying to suss out who we are, how long we have been in business, and if these are not updated, then well trouble can loom.

As we move more towards Sustainability Accounting, the harder it is for our Customers to accept us.  The likes of Twitter has established the name and shame game, and especially in the UK, we just do not like to be bad mouthed, or whats the want for a better word – “Bad Media Mouthed” if there was ever such a term.

Tracing debtors through Facebook and Linkedin, as well as Twitter shows to the outside world, whether we like it or not, that we are there.  Notifications from Location Services, and other intel accessing our personal information is here to stay, and so in the eyes of trying to evade your debts are no longer possible, as the saying goes……

you can run

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