Should I stay or should I go? – a Business Owner Special on UK in the EU

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Just the title is enough to think is this about a relationship split and/or is it going to be an acrimonious split of the British public somewhat.
There has been a great humdrum in the Media for as to whether we should Stay or Should we go, with Boris Johnson and Priti Patel trying to drum up what is a loosing battle for the Vote Campaign, but the Facts seem  to speak for themselves in edging the British Public to stay within the EU.
But the burning question is – what does this mean for the British Public – and more importantly for us the Small Business Owner – what does the EU bring to us by way of benefits that as a standalone Country we couldn’t do much better.
Open Trade
Currently and its thanks to our ownership with the EU, we have open access rights to the databases shared by our European Members meaning if we wish to reach out to them to do business with, then this helps us able to discuss potential future business with them, without the added issue of discussing a workaround due to having Free Trade Agreements in place.
The opposite of this is if we left the EU, then the likelihood would be that we would have to negotiate our rights to trade individually with each different country.  Although it would be down to the British government to pave the way forward for us, this might mean that there could be a delay in getting across the right agreement.  Secondly, by staying in the EU, one of many hidden advantages would be the price of trading freely with other EU Members – something that may have to be taken into consideration when re-negotiating any or amended agreements for this nature.
By leaving the EU, means that we would forgo our right to Funding – so many of smaller businesses have the opportunity of taking out a EU based government Funded Loan, under the various different sources as listed below:
If we choose to stay that means more unrivalled access to these kind of grants.  If we choose to leave, this would mean that there would be more of an impact upon Small Businesses who would loose the right to gain funding from the EU.
Legal System
To those who are Pro-Leave Campaign, there is an argument that everything needs to go through the European Courts which means that they set the precedent to have the correct laws introduced, which means that the British legal system would then follow suit thereafter.
Following on from the above, if we trade with other EU Member States, and forbid that they do not pay then we have the right to pursue legal action, with an ability to force any unpaid debts through EEO’s (European Enforcement Orders), and/or EPO’s (European Payment Orders) to counteract this.
Imagine the fun we would have without having the ability to access through the European Legal Network.
This applies too to that of the Human Rights Act and our current ability to pursue this through the European Courts of Justice, if we wish for a correction for this.
As someone who is passionate about how and why the EU can cater for all business services, I respect and understand that overall there are huge stress points that the UK may be facing as a result as staying as part of the EU, but if we leave – then its unlikely that we see any change straight away, and at the time of writing the Vote Leave Campaign had been so far unclear in order to articulate their side of the argument when it came down to Immigration/Tackling the NHS, and Employment – as the Media reports show that there is likely to be a period of uncertainty followed on further austerity cuts over what we face already.
However, for the Small Business Owner – we would be most affected if we Voted to Leave the EU.
Please let me know what your thoughts on this are, and whether or not you agree and/or disagree?
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