Outside In

outside-inHow many of us has been on that journey where we are sitting either on a bus and/or train and its pouring outside, and we think to ourselves “Wow we are lucky to be in the dry”.

But are we really?

When we go through our day to day lives – we come across things which fall outside of our general zone of comfort, which tests our ability to either be strong and/or crumble.


As a business owner, we are currently being pushed to the corners of our comfort zone to take the risks to see what works, but the bottom line that I have learnt is to just be you, and everything else will fall into place.

Now I don’t mean in a biased way.  By focusing on our end goal, means we are going to get there, but we also need a plan in place.  However, sometimes the plans that we think are going to work may not be the correct answer for you, as it may have been the case for someone else.  Why?

Well for their time it may have been different, and it was worked for them.  After all experience counts for something, or does it?

The best coaches out there are those who can take your problem and offer pragmatic solutions to enable you to move forward.  Without these Guys how do you know the way you are moving forward is the correct way.

In a nutshell, there is no right or wrong answer – but the lesson to learn is that if you stay within your comfort zone, then you will never be able to change the way you appreciate life for what it can offer you.

So don’t stand still – remember a Ship is safe in a harbour, but that’s what Ships weren’t designed for?  Same goes for us – lets do something creative to make a change for a better future.

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